matches lighters son et lumiere taillight auroras rushes gaslights

lightning headlights flashlights cryptographic semaphoric dead

lost of archaic bilingual story oversaturated blinding

Of hallucinating sidewalk lights flickering gloriole smoking fuming

fizzing spuming bubbling fizzing frothing umbras


Incandescence overdone

Like penumbras from the sun

Aureoles with spider limbs

Gassing from all headlight rims,

Acetylene eruptions waterfalling

From a neon billboard's scrawling,

Streamers broken into spindling

By the eye's internal kindling,

Blurry pyrotechnic glories

Sprung from Mesolithic stories

Embedded in the pinhole of the eye

By hidden chasms in the sky,

The dazzling semaphoric perks

Of vision's bloodshot fireworks:

Amaurotic self-made pyres

Of the eye's deluded fires,

Rolling waves of tunnel vision,

Atomic skies and human fission,

Nothing left but these

Blinding drugged defective seas.


prisms of the eyes lens pyres of the iris


Arcing legs of flindered sties

Sprung from my diluted eyes

As I move among my self-made pyres,

Alive with pyrotechnic fires, 

Night infused with an eye test's perks

Turning all its lights to fireworks.