Does everyone have a drink?  You’ll need a drink to get through this speech.  Here’s to Jed and Danielle.  Grannie Lowell speech.

As Jed and Danielle are both lawyers, I look up some Florida law about weddings.  Here are a few excerpts.

Thou shalt not put anything in writing.

Thou shalt get everything in writing.

Neither shalt thou be an optometrist.  For they are not real doctors.

Honor thy father and thy mother but screen thy calls.

At a restaurant, ye shall not remain at the first table offered thee but shall ask to be seated elsewhere.

Though the menu sayeth “No Substitutions,” yet ye shall ask for substitutions.  

Ye shall not eat food served to thee but shall say “This is ice cold!” and send it back.

The Lord giveth wisdom unto the wise and knowledge to them that know understanding.  For He never knoweth what to get people.

Is there an afterlife?  If so, what about after that?