Dependability, the computer's out of date,

And my clever plan for change

Nothing more than faster fate

Has deigned already to arrange,


That is, the date's set wrong,

Its omniscient power dead 

Because I left it far too long 

In another country, underfed,


Its knack of artificial timing gone,

Entirely without common sense,

Numbers blinking, Bleak and wan

So much for digital intelligence;


Specifically, April 1st, 2001,

When upgraded to the current time,

Is something of a long-term pun, 

A kind of chronologic rhyme,


As now, one year later, it's


But the former day still fits,

As even now it's Sunday, too,


Though it's April 21st

But all I need to do 

To render time well-versed

Is to join the 1st to two:


By adding two's to day and year 

The world's put back in shape;

One number makes the cosmos clear,

As watches greater numbers ape:


The planet's subtle numerology,

Where incidental figures coincide—

Lets form and function both agree,

And something richer hits its srtide,


So the starry correspondence

In the gears that set us straight 

Is more than mere coincidence,

As sunlight and its sundials mate,


And the workings of our simple clocks 

Are windows into shape and space:

As if, behind the ticks and tocks

Crouches an eternal face:


And, though a dial is just a symbol

Of what in passing time might prove,

Its arms and legs should be as nimble 

As second hands behoove


Let the laptop clock catch up to sun, 

Whose hours break down ray by ray

And gain a year by adding 1,

Wiping out the minds delay,


As easy in computerese

As it is in human days,

A matter just of changing keys,

While the deeper, mortal meaning stays.


April 21st-23rd, 2002