Blinds that graze the windowpane,

Wind that opens up the eyes,

Eyes that mirror in the frame

Sun that winds up open skies;


Clouds that graze like cows in blinds,

Cows that hang like wind in skies,

Mirrors of the panes that wind

Up blinded windows' eyes;


Clouds that hang like cows in sky, 

Cows that graze like clouds 

On grass in windowpanes that blind

Us with a sky of clouded glass;


Panes that hang up sky like sun,

Sky that opens panes like blinds,

Blinds that mirror sun on sun,

Sun that winds up panes like sky;


Wind that hangs like blinds on sun, 

Sky that pulls like wind on blinds,

Sun that blinds like sky on sky,

Sky that winds up sun like blinds;


Open sky winds clouds and grass

To blind us with a pane of wind,

And hang us in the window sun: as 

If mind lost sight like eyes


Lose sky, and grazing youth

Grew clear as cows on grass

And wind on sky when eyes and minds

Grew dark as window's blinds.