The mainland dead on islands wake,

Pulled to sun by lapping light,

Risen from the grief of night

By the offering in the bed,


Rescued by the planet’s reach

By a single rustling leaf, 

Anger broken on the reef

By the promise of the beach,


By the tide and ties

Of a one time easy sea, 

By Polaroids that advertise

Pastel infinity, 


Shallows on a coral bed

To which the deeper world is wed.


our youth’s sedentary unruffled untroubled easy-going cataleptic

sea whirlpool

By slaps and xx surges stipples washes slips/waves/tides

eddies surges swells billows ripples

childhood ties

To the future postcard sea,

By sunsets anaglyphs tapestries holograph Polaroids

Kodachromes shots images photographs xeroxes fantasies that


Personal/The easel of/The stipples of The washes of The

conveniences of The varnish of The Glitter of Glimmers of infinity:

Covers Brocade fringes feathers tinsel flowers dowries fashions

diamonds Union United

/long ancient fragrant scented color painted varnished pastel

childhood sea

Of a longtime gentle till now last year’s strangled silent shattered

rowboat sailboat shallop sea

sedentary unruffled untroubled easy-going cataleptic

fury outrage fire evil spume brute force rampage violence

whirlwinds attacks sieges agonies tantrums desperation anger passion