endless massing amethyst

between the spreading mist 

and sprays of sun

choruses of fatal rain

nestled on the gaseous skin

of wind and clouds

swaying summer crowds

lilting to the horror

of our ceaseless sight

like edges of the squall

unnaturally bright

lit with waves of death

where breaking milling breath


silent in the tranquil spaces

which the evening graces

climb up tone by tone

past the blackened drone

and pleadings of our crimes 

sins the sunset mimes

songs our mothers sang 

which swing and hang

above the rock bound


the frenzied sound

and crush of birth

and dying 

wound and crying

in the scattered sky

the high and racing ceilings

of our useless feelings

sifted through the rays 

of monstrous human haze

from the floating dome 

of our incandescent 

broken home