SPARKLERS (assigned V2)

Come forth you bugs and be July'd,

Halogen'd and liquified,

As the world tonight is turned to gel,

Lit with optic Duracell,

Moon and stars and buildings spark

All around us in the dark;

Tree limbs tinselled on the wind 

Table lamps Lucidein'd,

Lava gushing from the arc

Of streetlamps spilling in the park,

Novas coruscate from blazes

In swinging Roman candle red

From the island of the dead,

The whole effulgent, frothing shell

Of evening softly gone to hell,

The involuntary human squint,

Fractals welding jets of rage,

Chaos forced into a cage, 

Touch, with slight distracted

By the normal world refracted,

Medusas flashing off and on

The planet gone, the planet gone,

Cars themselves approaching streams

Of anemones with curling beams,

Dragon eyes and cross-hatched flares

That sweep the sidewalks with their stares,


Catherine wheels Roman candle coronas diffracting steamers

filaments glitter flashing coruscating anemones spindled beams

spangles supernovas explosions flare-ups

Alphaville - traffic lights metal bulbs quartzes vapor kliegs

footlights neon amber green red flares lanterns glow blaze fires