Come forth ye bugs and be July'd,

Halogen'd and vitrified

Dance around the cones and rods

Of your fiber-optic gods, 

Tree limbs tinseled on the wind,

Table lamps Luciferin'd,

Lava gushed from the arc

Of street lamps spilling on the park,

Paper lanterns gone to blazes

In syncopated swinging mazes,

As the moon and stars and buildings spark

All around me in the dark,

My diluted vision blighted

By novas of the badly lighted,

An effulgent, foaming shell

Of evening softly gone to hell,

The iris's prismatic squint

At a traffic signal's flint,

Fractals welding jets of rage,

Chaos frothed into cage,

Touch from normal sight distracted

By exploding worlds refracted,

Medusas flashing off and on:

The planet gone, the planet gone

Cars themselves approaching streams

Of anemones with fractured beams,

Dragon eyes and crosshatch flares

What sweep the sidewalks with their stares,

Incandescence overdone

Like prominences on the sun,

Aureoles with spider limbs

Gassing from all headlight rims,

Acetylene torches waterfalling

From a neon billboard's scrawling,

Streamers broken into spindling

By the eye's internal kindling,

Blurry pyrotechnic glories

Spring from Mesolithic stories

Embedded in the pinhole of the eye

By hidden chasms in the sky,

The dazzling semaphoric perks

Of tail lights' bloodshot fireworks:

Amaurotic self-made pyres

Of the eye's deluded fires,

Bubbling skies and blind ambition

Bridging waves of tunnel vision,

While, hallucinating in 3-D's:

Fizzing Pepto-Bismol seas,

Arcing legs of flindered sties

Sprung from my erupting eyes

As I float above cascading pyres,

Alive with pyrotechnic fires

Coruscating from the moon,

Blinded by a fission noon,

Nothing left on earth but these

Nuclear catastrophes,

Flaming with narcotic's perks,

Blasting sight to fireworks.



November 27th, 2004

Rue de Varenne

April 6th, 2005