Today the world moves from winter’s cold ordeals

And the doubtful promises of a halting spring

To the lavish clocks of summer, to the wheels

And ratchets of planetary spokes that sing


Of beach and sun, of the arbor’s resurrection,

The success of grass and triumph of the trees,

The luxuriance of countryside and gardens

Where fountains sparkle in the rampant breeze,


And not just fountains, but entire solar systems

Turn today from dissonant, uncertain gears

To the music of the spheres, as universes blossom

All at once, as matter to itself adheres


And our limbs connect to others at the end of space,

Through a secret field which joins us all

Like clockwork, matching lovers face to face

Beyond our courtyard’s beautiful but useless wall:


And so the trellis of our fractured lives unites

All things, the living and the dead, no matter where,

As the fulcrum of the year today puts to rights

The watchful symmetries which are always there.