These poems come from 100 poems I sent to Mark Di
Suvero, from which he chose a few for the chapbook we
did together, Fluorescence.

They also include three of the seven poems used as the
text of Antón García-Abril’s Tippet Rise Songs, which he
wrote in honor of Cathy and his wife, Aurea, who had died
the week before the songs were performed at the Tippet
Rise Art Center.

As well, there are some of the 12 poems I selected for
Messiaen’s seven Visions of Amen, which I thought came
closer to the human expression of death and transfiguration
than Messiaen’s more distant Biblical excerpts.

Every one of our years, as we age, is filled with the death
of our friends, the inhuman slaughter of innocents, and
maybe a resultant embrace of the transmigration of souls.
In the face of inexorable loss we turn to the solidarity
of nature, the relative certainties of science, and the balm
of philosophy and language, where the world is cradled in

2016 was for me and Cathy a year of concordances
between the earth and the sky, flitting similarities between
the afternoon light on the land and the deeper music of
the night sky, the timeless procession of the cosmic gears
which is somehow more noticeable in Montana.

We expressed this through sculptures we brought to the
rolling fields of a ranch under the Beartooth Mountains,
through the music we encouraged in celebration of the
apparent timelessness of the summer, through what we
wrote about the music, and through these poems.