Pianist Lost: Sunken Cathedrals, v.2

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As the mythical cathedral of If sinks into the sea, its steeple continues to toll long after it sinks. That bell is music, buried in the ages, hidden in the blood, the vibration underlying the cosmic trellis of existence. All the pieces in Volumes 2 and 3 are water pieces.

1. Alkan: Barcarolle. We poor drowning species, suspended in the rising waters, trapped in the deaths like Ondine, but also rising like carillons and the timeless sky, lap up and down like an arpeggio coming and going.

2. Mendelssohn: Boat Song 1. What more can we offer to the harmony of worlds than the tilt and ride of a gondola, the song of the boatman?

3. Mendelssohn: Boat Song 2. Music is frozen sky, pulled down to lagoons by lightning, galaxies of frequency made flesh by the tide.

4. Mendelssohn: Boat Song 3. Potemkin villages of reflected colors, unisons coming together in the oily mirrors of the lagoon, where our portraits are painted.

5. Mendelssohn: Posthumous Boat Song. Phosphorescent phantoms sprung from the invisible rainbows of a Venetian lagoon, dripping with remembered moonlight.

6.  Chopin: Barcarolle. Caspar David Friedrich’s Sea of Ice where broken spars are coated with rime, where human monsters rise from lost polar expeditions, from the dazzling phosphorescent shoal of the singing sea’s black hole. Rhythms surge like riptides and eddy around the shipwreck of the sea. Motifs fizzle in all directions from ancient worlds, as the waves bend and distort expectations like fun house mirrors.

7. Debussy: Sunken Cathedral. The immense white whale submerges and emerges like a Kraken, dragging us down to our dark transcendence, the only place a gargoyle can live, in the wormhole of music.

8. Debussy: Des Pas. As Brinkerhoff’s footprints merge on the horizon, just before the cliff, as the fingerprints of pianists are lost on the white-out of the keys, entire kingdoms vanish in the high mountains of the mind.

9. Fauré: Barcarolle. Flurries of shadows imitate themselves, mirrored upside down in the light of a Corot, sounds from a bandstand in the park echoing on the Seine, in this postcard from Monet.

10. Debussy: Des Pas II. Music is only a passing moment, a gesture in a room, a footprint in the snow, the absence, to tonl ambiguity, the “not” of existence, the disappearance of Brinkerhoff. D’être ou ne pas être. To be or not to be. Here is another version of track eight.