I thing of Thor of Thithily, or maybe Thpain

(Or thould it be Curathow)?

-        Tho long, Thor, Auf Wiederthehn, Bella Caio –


With your thcruffy buttockth:

Thkøl, thwig your Tsing Tao

To that Thacroiliac Foxth,


Whose thtatue ith thumhow

Mything both thochth,

Unlike thou thathy thaior, thou.


Tho thew up thy thong,

Thou Thanta Few thentry,

And thuccumb to Mah-Jongg


For the nectht half a thentury

(Thend for a thethauruth

And R. ETH. V.P.


To the Thaytanic choruth).

It’s theriouthly too-too –

Ath thwahve ath thy thole ith –


Ath Thiddhartha once thed,

“Baby, it’th you

For whom the bell tolleth;”


“Thorathic Park, th’ay vous” –

(To quote Thpielberg inthted)

Or a muthcular thteevdoor:


“To thine own thelf be true,

Thou thucculent Thor.”

Thet up the thaccharine


(I thee thee thalivate),

No more thackbutts of gin

Whiletht thee dithintegrate:


Theeth are the thavage yearth,

Or, to quote William Thackeray:

“Thacré bleu, Mouthketeerth!”


Time to thip Thlivovithz,

Mytheer Thor of Thouarth,

Time to thtutter and lithp


With your lipth to the starth.


-        Attributed to Sooty Mangabey of Stuttgart

Rue de Varenne

May 18th, 2002