Once skies held summer trees

And summer dazed the light 

Once ocean hazed the breeze

And dreams spelled ocean night


Once sky brought such perfume 

Once dew swept breezes clean

Once sea kept in your room

Which you painted summer green


Once skies ran deep in streams

Their liquids dipped in lime 

Once eyes were scripted dreams

Our breezes heaped with time


Once life was liquid breeze 

And seas were only blue

Once sleep weighted in the trees

And trees were wholly true


Once skies were in your gaze

And streams were stepped in sleep

Once time was merely days

And daydreams swept the deep


Once nights were lazy with the skies

And sky unlocked the starlight truth

Once summer swayed our sunlit eyes 

And time the clock of sleeping youth


December 12th and 13th, 2001

Tippet Alley

Redone December 25th, 2001, and September 1st and 2nd, 2003

Tippet Alley