Creativity is something like an energy exchange, where atoms skip a level for some reason and energy is released, the energy being art.  When a change is made to a particle, its twin particle changes instantly, no matter how far away.  This energy exchange is theoretically faster than the speed of light.  It is an impossibility, just as all energy exchanges seem to defy the heavy, rational objects of the universe, heavy furniture which is mocked by the light speed of thought.

So between the encumbering facts of gravity and the quantum feats of the ether that links us is the double helix, the spiral shell, the Möbius strip, the sheer accident, the slip of protons, the party trick, the metaphor which makes creativity leap nonchalantly through the matter of the universe into the light of genius, as all brilliance is an accident, flying in the face of reason, linking impossible dimensions and incompatible facts through the invisible layers of the constant energy grid.  As particles are twinned across enormous chasms, so metaphors join contradictions despite their vast differences in space, until we have to realize that the common thread is space itself, that nothingness which in fact is the underlying fabric of time and, in the poet’s case, language.  They are tools which translate and transform one thing into another.

Here Holbein’s memento mori, the death’s skull in his painting, The Ambassadors, is traded in for the beauty of aging, of experience, where our shallow hearts are transformed by living into art.

November 10th - 12th, 2013 Lanikai