endless massing amethyst

between the spreading mist 

and sprays of sun

choruses of final rain

nestled on liquescent clouds

of wind and skin

swaying bandstand crowds

lilting to the coming fall

of our endless night

like the edges of a squall

unnaturally bright

in the sudden calm

where breaking milling space

falls silent in the tranquil palms

and tone by tone 

the evening graces climb

up past the blackened 

pleadings of our crimes 

and sins the sunsets drone

songs our mother mimes 

which swing and hang

above the rock bound bay 

the frenzied rhyme

and cry of reef

drowned and combing

in the scattered rays

of the racing sky

echoed on the window panes

and peeling yellow 

sun by the the high 

and brilliant chrome 

the monstrous human haze

of our incandescent 

broken home