In this souvenir of long dark skies,

The suns of film’s long-winded dyes

Still brighten faded tans

And glimmers of umbrella stands,

Plastic chairs and pale white trees,

Old fashions framing older knees, 

Ancient babies long since grown, 

Rounded bodies gone to bone,

Pucci towels once safely beached

Now ironed, starched, and over-bleached, 

The balls and rafts which made it

All so glossy, now deflated: 

In its time the photo framed

A face, whose mortality it claimed,

But which, at least in spirit, 

Held the former ocean near it.


Waikiki, June, 27th, 2006

2:45 - 3:39 PM

redone June 29th, 2006

and July 6th, 2006