Weaving in and out, the eye

Darts around the corners of the sky,

Through copies of the sheepish trees

To refracted colors in the breeze,

Focusing at first on one,

Then bouncing off the mirrored sun,

Adding xerox leaf to leaf

To put the forest in relief,

Or subtracting shade from shade

To emphasize a glaring glade:

The productive eye's indecent stare

Reproducing everywhere,

Its redundant double sight

Reducing us to copyright,


The eye that window shops en masse,

Seeing in a piece of glass

A cineplex of frozen stunts,

A quilt connected all at once

Jumbling up a city girl 

Caught behind a sky of pearl

With her Fiorucci mirror showing

The vapor of a sky-blue Boeing

Like the necklace on a section

Of a passerby's reflection

As inexorably as her eye

Sees me looking on the sly -

Our universe reversed by me

Almost inadvertently, 

Where the sum of all divided lites

Makes a storefront's thousand sights, 

The street projected on a shelf

As full of pictures as the light itself.