DELFT LIGHT (assigned V2)

on a candy wrapper glittering in the road


Was it really different for Vermeer

To light his subjects so they appear


As electrons do, to televise

His cinematic, Delphic skies,


Like Johannson's silhouette

Backlit on our TV set,


As it, like light, he knew

The subliminal designs we view, 


The way that Flirth's movie idol stare

Finds a corollary in a pear,


A mirror of the day's bright light

Rendering the day around it trite, 


A tiny detail painted lush

By the summer's stained-glass brush


That focuses the planet's common lot

On this humble backroad spot,


The way a TV is dead space

Where current gatherings in one place,


Revelling in our rapt attention

Like a news-addicted gentian,