(On Our 29th Anniversary)

Lights that ripple on the ceiling,

Sprung from angles on the bathtub's

Bay, kaleidoscopes exposing

And concealing, like exploding nebulae,

The waving flesh of water's polyps,

Painting on the white wall's lapping screen

Portraits of the swash that mediates

All things between, from tip of sky

To deep sea trench, the sloshing whorls

And films of ocean's skin

Compounding both our heights

And depths within its limpid lens,

Balancing the galaxy

With a Jacuzzi shell of pearl,

The way that atmosphere's thin

Membrane passes on 

The orchestrations of the world,

Planetariums of gauze

Projected from the stellar dust,

But driven by the lesser laws

Governing an ordinary wash,

By our neglected human spheres,

Until their liquid flare,

Their prominence, 

Eventually appears, once

The proper depth is there.