ANACHRONISM (assigned V6)

Not blessed with a portfolio 

Of sticks that make men great,

My one line Google bio

Ex post facto (out of date),


Invisible on the shining web,

Missing the rearview mirror,

My private ocean on the ebb,

My seamless Zodiac no nearer,


A search engine folder finder entry navigator download icon

unscrolled ethernet unshared email blog bookmark tab zoom

Explorer Browser dock internet library heavyduty Strogan

Duotex seamless marine-grade Thermobonding Zodiac SY6

Coaster lifecraft text tale song theme playlist album


Here I live, an astronaut without a moon, 

My email unaddressed,

A neon ipod without tunes,

Flunked from class without a test,


An entry in a foreign zone,

Only comfortable with palms and birds,

A bit-rate browser with his own

Obscure loves and hopeless words,