ANACHRONISM (assigned V3)

Who I Am When Cathy's Out of Town

for Adam (and in absentia Ken)

Not conversant with the S & P, Nuveen,

With the tiny scores that make men great,

In front of my own vanity unseen1,

My corporate agenda: Late;


Drunk dependably by 10,

Face down Who Knows Where by 3,

And then it's Jäger time again

(Thank God I'm talking with E.S.T);


Good friends with air guitarists, Fergie,

Dressed predictably in Tupperware TM:

What if this is just the CV

Of, besides some others*, Molière?



1. Do not pronounce TM when reading aloud,

unless you finish the poem with

"Dona eis requiem.)";

2.  *insert here names of hedge fund managers, or even of author

3.  Who was Molière exactly?