A SECOND OPINION (assigned V2)


A week ago the gravel on the driveway

Was grave and broken as the world itself was gray,


The dirt as dark and hard as death,

A landscape breathing without breath,


Moving without sound, dying without gain,

A damp suburb of decay and rain


Where the softest touch was turned to stone,

As bleak and bleached-out as a bone;


How could nature dream of veils or dresses

Face to face with winter’s frozen messes?


How could all the molten forms of bliss

Come from mud as dense as this?


My daughter’s teachers say the world’s like that:

Bits of rock and flowers beaten flat,


Entire groves of blossoms lost

To a society of frost:


All the weeding, hoeing, flower bedding

Essential to a summer wedding,


The forest of a thousand Ardens

Turned to chaos in the gardens -


But look again: today the lime green grass

Is changed from last week’s class: